Sadly, most pre-made soups available in supermarkets contain animal products such as chicken, beef or fish stock. Below are some soups that are/appear to be vegan. You will see there are soy milk soups that are potentially vegan (they contain emulsifier and flavouring that is not specified as being from plants).

Tsubi Soup. Tsubi Soup, vegan miso soup, is available to purchase online (including on Amazon Japan) and in some stores. Click here to check out the website.


“Tsubi Soup is a 100% Vegan instant soup cube that delivers all the delicious and nutritional benefits of authentic Japanese miso in an easy-to-make, single serve package. All ingredients are natural and farmed in southern Japan, and free of MSG, Gluten, GMO, or artificial additives. Tsubi Soup is jam packed full of crunchy vegetables in a all plant based broth that magically blossom into a fresh soup with the touch of hot water. Available in 3 miso blends, feasting on such wholesome goodness has never been easier!”

Kikkoman/Del Monte Soy Milk Corn Soup. Ingredients: Supersweet corn, sugar, soy milk, powdered soy pulp (okara), soy flour, onion, vegetable oil, salt, yeast extract, dextrin, spices, thickener (modified starch), flavouring, acidity regulator, emulsifier.


Kikkoman/Del Monte Soy Milk Pumpkin Soup. Ingredients: Pumpkin, sugar, soy milk, onion, soy flour, salt, vegetable oil, powdered soy pulp (okara), yeast extract, dextrin, spices, thickener (modified starch), acidity regulator, emulsifier.


There is also Japanese traditional sweet red-bean soup (おしるこ – oshiruko) available in some vending machines that may be vegan. Here is one example:

Asahi Red Bean Soup. Ingredients: Sugar, red bamboo beans, kidney beans, adzuki beans, salt, stabilising agent (modified starch, carrageenan – from red seaweed), emulsifier, cellulose, acidity regulator.


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