Wheat Gluten

It’s not too difficult to find wheat gluten in Japan. You can usually find bags of gluten in the cake baking section of the supermarket. The traditional Japanese form of wheat gluten, ‘Fu’ (麩 / ふ) , is easy to find too. It is either sold raw as ‘nama-fu’ (生麩 / なまふ), or dry as ‘yaki-fu’ (焼き麩 / やきふ). On the other hand, seitan is not well known and can be difficult to find in Japan. Below are some examples of gluten products commonly available in Japan.

Kyoritsu Foods Wheat Gluten. Ingredients: Wheat gluten. Manufactured in a facility that also makes products containing egg and milk.

Wheat glutenWheat gluten ingredients







Dry Baked Wheat Gluten (yaki-fu). Ingredients: Wheat flour, wheat gluten, vitamin E (Antioxidant).

YakifuYakifu Ingredients







There are also specialty gluten ‘meat’ products available in some stores and online.

San Iku Gluten Meat. Ingredients: Wheat gluten, soy sauce (contains soy), salt, kombu extract, soy oil, sugar, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, yeast extract.

Gluten meatGluten meat ingredients


2 thoughts on “Wheat Gluten

  1. lotusforest

    Thanks for your helpful info. I’m embarking on making seitan for the first time (theppk.com seitan and sausages look great!) and am having a world of difficulty finding vital wheat gluten. Which one do you think I should use? Thanks in advance for you advice.


    1. isitveganjapan Post author

      It looks like you could use the Kyoritsu Foods Wheat Gluten above as it is pure wheat gluten (not mixed with flour). If you want to be really sure though, you could order vital wheat gluten from an online store like iHerb. Good luck!


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