Petition for Vegan Labeling

Do you feel that it’s too hard to find vegan food in Japanese stores? Confused by labels that don’t show animal ingredients, but when you write to the manufacturer to check, they tell you that fish powder or other animal ingredients are actually included but not written on the label, because the amounts are small? Sign the petition to ask the Consumer Affairs Agency of Japan to take urgent action and demand better labeling of vegetarian/vegan products, and to raise awareness of the lack of options that fulfill the needs of vegetarian/vegan consumers among food manufacturers and providers in Japan.

If you are not logged into, it will ask you to fill in your last name, first name, and email address, and then it will attempt to autofill in your postal code. This part appears to display in Japanese even when the rest of the page is in English.

Anyone can sign and share, even if they don’t live in Japan- we gratefully accept signatures from whoever has an interest in this issue.

Let’s work together to help create change.

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