Fast Food

Below is information about the availability of possibly vegan food/drinks at some the more common fast food and chain restaurants in Japan. This information is based on a review of the allergen information provided on the restaurant’s website. In Japan, restaurants are required to give information about the presence of the following allergens in their food products:

• eggs, milk, wheat, buckwheat, peanut, shrimp and crab.

It is recommended that they also give information about the following allergens:

• soy, beef, chicken, pork, abalone, squid, salmon roe, salmon, mackerel, orange, kiwifruit, peach, apple, pineapple, yam/sweet potato, walnuts, gelatine and banana.

This information can be useful for vegans. Of course it is not definitive, as other animal products may still be in the food – e.g. fish dashi. Fish dashi, skipjack tuna dashi in particular, is very commonly used in Japan in sauces, soups, and savory dishes. Other types of fish such as tuna or anchovies, seafood such as scallops, and also duck or honey can also be present in the food and not mentioned on allergen charts. So, allergen charts are merely a good starting point, allowing you to narrow your search and ask a few good questions.

Some foods contain flavouring and emulsifiers which may be animal-derived or sugar that may be bone-char processed. We have marked below wherever we have information on how these ingredients were made.

You may be lucky enough to see allergen information on a restaurant menu, like the one below, but usually it can only be found on restaurant websites.


Note restaurants often change their menus, so it is a good idea to check their websites before you visit. Of course it is always a good idea to check with staff that the dish you want to order is vegan (if possible).

Wherever possible, we have noted below where foods were cooked together with animal products or may have cross-contamination from being processed together with food containing animal products, but food may also have cross-contamination from wheat, soy, peanuts, or other ingredients. Please check allergen charts before eating if you have food allergies or intolerances.

Baskin Robbins/Thirty-One 

The information about Thirty-One, as Baskin Robbins is known in Japan, is based off a review of the allergen information on their website as of 9/19/2019.

The items that appear to possibly be vegan are:

• Daquiri Ice/ダイキュリーアイス (Seasonal flavor)
• Midnight Apple/ミッドナイト アップル (Seasonal flavor)
• Orange Sorbet/オレンジソルベ
• Yummy Grape/ヤミー! グレープ (Seasonal flavor)
• Sugar Cone/シュガーコーン

The Waffle Cone/ワッフルコーン has milk and egg.

The ice creams are also available in a cup.

Orange Sorbet photo from website.

baskin robbins daiquiri ice  Baskin Robbins midnight apple

baskin robbins yummy grape.jpg    Baskin Robbins orange sorbet

Burger King

The only items that don’t show animal ingredients from a review of the allergen chart at Burger King in Japan are:

• French fries/フレンチフライ
• Hash browns/ハッシュブラウン   (cooked in oil with items containing egg, milk, chicken, or gelatin, or the same utensils may have been used to cook those items)
• BBQ sauce/ バーベキューソース

For some reason, ketchup is not listed on the allergen chart. The “coffee fresh” creamer contains milk.


Chabuton is a chain of ramen restaurants. They have a ‘vege-ramen’ which contains no animal ingredients (see the Vegout Tokyo blog). There is vegan gyoza too. On the ticket machine, push the button marked 新野菜系らあ面, “shin yasai kei ramen,” for vegan ramen and ベジ餃子, “vegi gyoza” for vegan gyoza. The button for vegan gyoza is a shared button for chicken gyoza, so be sure to say “vegi gyoza” when you hand the ticket to the waitstaff.

You can find your closest restaurant by checking the Chabuton website.

20180707_155003_resized  20180710_193522_resized2-e1542817812261.jpg

20180707_154817_resized  20180710_193425_resized2

Coco Ichibanya

Coco Ichibanya curry house had a vegetarian menu at some branches, then trialed the vegetarian menu from Dec. 2018-Feb. 2019 at all of their branches. From March 2019, individual shops decided if they wanted to continue to carry that menu or not. It actually doesn’t contain any animal products, so it is vegan, except that, like other items containing white sugar in Japan, the white sugar may be bone-char processed. The fried vegetables are fried in the same oil as meat and other animal ingredients. Be sure to order only the items listed below as the other vegetable curries have non-vegan ingredients in them. The list of shops that carry the vegetarian menu is here (Japanese, with brief location descriptions in English). They will have the following sign in the window:

20190722_211127 (3)

Vegan items are:

• Vegetarian curry with vegetables
• Vegetarian curry with vegetables and eggplant
• Vegetarian curry with tomato and asparagus
• Vegetarian curry with eggplant, spinach, and ripe tomato
• Vegetarian curry with spinach
• Vegetarian curry with mushroom and okra and yam
• Vegetarian curry with eggplant and tomato and asparagus
• Vegetarian curry with mushroom
• Vegetarian curry
• Mini vegetarian curry
• Boxed retort pouch vegetable curry to take home (it may be possible to have this heated and served to you in the shop, if it doesn’t have the vegetarian menu)
• Boxed retort pouch vegetarian curry to take home (not available at all branches) (it may be possible to have this heated and served to you in the shop, if it doesn’t have the vegetarian menu)

It’s also been reported that the animal-ingredient free Vegetable Soup Curry/ベジタブルスープカレー that was at all the branches from Dec. 2018-Feb. 2019 has been continued at only some of the branches, however, be careful when ordering as there are similarly-named items that contain animal ingredients. It should say “Does not contain animal-derived ingredients” on the menu.



Do not order vegetable curries off the regular, non-vegetarian menu as they all already have meat-based roux. Pictures of the vegetarian menu are shown below.

Both the boxed retort pouch vegetable curry/野菜カレー and the boxed retort pouch vegetarian curry/ベジタリアンカレー are marked as having no animal ingredients. We included photos of both below. They should be near the register, but not all the shops have the boxed vegetarian curry. Click here for the ingredient lists of the boxed retort pouch curries.

The curries contain wheat and are processed on the same factory line as items containing dairy. Domestically produced rice is served with the curries. It’s possible to adjust the spiciness level of the curry and the amount of rice you receive with your order- details are in the menu book.

The vegan menu items look very similar and have similar names to menu items containing meat, so some people have reported the staff making mistakes in their order. Be sure to say “vegetarian” when you order and check your item when you receive it. The curry should not have small pieces in it- if it does you’ve received a meat item by mistake. It also might be a good idea to get the waitstaff to repeat “vegetarian” back to you to make sure they’ve got the order right.

The allergy information sheet (bilingual) is here.

The “allergen-free curry” on the regular menu has honey. The add-on sauce to make the curry sweeter is not vegan either as it also contains honey.

If the branch you go to does not have the vegetarian menu, it may be possible to ask the staff to heat and serve you one of the two retort pouch curries without animal ingredients.

20181209_161718  20181219_213738.jpg

20181219_213740  20181219_213751   20190124_001246    20181207_231254  20181226_215707    20190111_204033.jpg


Some branches have a more limited, one page front-and-back vegetarian menu, but at the branches with this menu, you can probably order all the items off the larger vegetarian menu just by putting add-ons on the regular vegetarian curry base.

20191002_211611    20191002_211605

First Kitchen

From reviewing their allergen chart it appears the following items may be vegan:

All items except for grapefruit dressing, habanero sauce and barbecue sauce, including salt and ketchup, share cooking utensils/dishwashers/washing areas with items containing shrimp, egg, dairy, beef, fish, chicken, pork, and gelatin.

• Avocado (meant as a topping for the burgers, but no vegan burger available)
• Green enzyme salad/緑の酵素サラダ
• Grapefruit dressing/グレープフルーツドレッシング. Ingredients: Edible vegetable fats and oils, brewed vinegar, sugars (high-fructose corn syrup, sugar), table salt, concentrated grapefruit juice, concentrated lemon juice, spices/flavour enhancer (amino acids), thickener (xanthan gum), flavourings, spice extract. (Contains soybean and apple.)
• Wafuu (Japanese-style) barbecue sauce
• Hash brown potato (available at stores with a morning menu)
• French fry potato, plain (salted) only/フレンチフライ, available in S (small), M (medium), L (large) or 箱ポテ!(box- similar to extra large) sizes
• Kakigori (shaved ice) – strawberry, Blue Hawaii, lemon (from event menu, at limited stores)
• Tapioca mango drink (from event menu, at limited stores) – in addition to regular vegan drinks like hot coffee
• Ketchup
• Habanero sauce
• Salt

The Caesar dressing contains milk and egg.

20190121_004454 final    20190120_203442    20190120_203504

Freshness Burger

Possibly vegan menu items are as follows:

• Fried potato (cooked in the same oil as products containing milk, egg, shrimp, beef, chicken, and pork. Shares manufacturing facility with items containing gelatin)
• Kale green smoothie
• Grape purple smoothie (shares manufacturing facilities with items containing milk)
• Strawberry pink smoothie
• Mango yellow smoothie (not mango smoothie)
• Mustard (shares manufacturing facilities with items containing egg, milk, meat, fish and seafood)
• Tomato ketchup (shares manufacturing facilities with items containing egg, milk, meat, fish and seafood)

The strawberry smoothie and mango smoothie contain milk. The onion rings contain milk and are also cooked in oil used to cook products containing dairy, egg, shrimp, beef, chicken, and pork. The soups all contain milk. All baked goods contain milk and eggs. Fresh lemonade, lemon & cranberry soda, and homemade ginger ale all contain honey. The “coffee cream” contains milk.

You can visit the Freshness Burger website to see the allergen information (available in English and Japanese).


Unfortunately, their allergen chart only shows the top 7 allergens so it’s very difficult to work out which menu items could potentially be vegan from it. According to an email from their customer service, they can only offer the following item as vegan:

• Vegetable salad (no dressing)

They stated that all their desserts have gelatin and their pastas are flavored with animal stock, and the flavor in the food comes from animal products and if it’s removed, the food won’t have flavor any more.


The food available at Ikea tends to vary by location so it may be a good idea to check the website of the specific branch you want to visit. In addition, customer service stated that they sometimes reduce the amount of items on offer, especially during busy periods like weekends and holidays.

• Plant-based Banana Ice Cream/プントベースソフトアイス (バナナ  (80 yen) (cup or cone)
• Veggie Balls with Curry Sauce/べジボールカレーソース (This item previously had dairy yogurt sauce, but as of Oct 2019, per Ikea customer service, has soy yogurt sauce and contains no animal ingredients in the dish itself. There may be cross-contamination from animal ingredients during manufacturing)
• Veggie Dog/ベジドッグ (when ordered without the bun as the bun has milk and egg)

Some locations have a soy latte/soy cappucino machine.

Per Ikea’s customer service, the cone for the ice cream does not contain milk/egg/animal ingredients, and you can also request to have the ice cream in a cup instead.

Ikea has stated that they’re planning to make the vege dogs completely vegan in the future by switching to a different type of bun. This information comes from a press release issued by Ikea Japan (Japanese).

The vege dogs consist mainly of chickpeas and green peas. The soft-serve ice cream is made from ingredients including bananas.


ikea plant based ice cream

Kentucky (known as Kentucky Fried Chicken/KFC outside Japan)

From reviewing their allergen chart it appears the following items may be vegan:

All products mentioned sometimes mixed with products containing egg, dairy, pork, beef, chicken, gelatin, fish and seafood in the cooking process at the store (except for low-allergen banana cake and low-allergen corn salad).

• Coloneling Potato, manufactured in same factory as products containing dairy
• Corn salad
• Hashed potato (only sold at certain stores) manufactured in same factory as products containing dairy
• Fried potato (only sold at certain stores), manufactured in same factory as products containing dairy
• Pickles friet (only sold at certain stores)
• Baguette (only sold at certain stores), manufactured in same factory as products containing dairy and eggs

They have a colored vegetable soup (sold seasonally, only in certain stores), but it appears only to be sold as part of a chicken combination plate and not by itself.

They have a low-allergen banana cake that is only sold in certain stores. It looks like it may be vegan from the ingredient list, but appears only to be sold as part of a low-allergen chicken plate (along with a low-allergen mini corn salad that is made without contact with animal products – not the same item as the regular corn salad) and not by itself.


This ramen shop has no vegan ramen but does have one variety of gyoza that does not show any animal ingredients on the allergen chart as of 10/4/2019.

Vegetable gyoza/ベジタブル餃子 (6 pc. in store, 30 pc. to take home (frozen))

Photo from website.

kourakuen vegetable gyoza

Be sure not to order the “half and half gyoza/ハーフ&ハーフ餃子” as that will come with non-vegan gyoza.


You can see the allergen information here (Japanese).

With all the following items there is the possibility of contamination in the cooking process by shrimp, crab, egg, dairy beef, fish, chicken, pork, or gelatin in/on the store’s frying oil, iron cooking plate, etc., except for the hashed potato, which may be contaminated with dairy in the manufacturing process at the factory.

• Hashed potato
• French fry
• Bucket potato

They also have some tapioca drinks that look as if they could be vegan from the allergen chart:

• Tapioca Acerola Lemon Soda/タピオカ アセロラレモンソーダ
• Tapioca Mango Orange Soda /タピオカ マンゴーオレンジソーダ
• Tapioca White Grape/タピオカ ホワイトグレープ

They are limited-edition items and will be in-store until the beginning of September, 2019.

Photo from website.

Lotteria tapioca

There are three more flavors of tapioca drinks that are not vegan because they have dairy as an ingredient.

They have a kid’s jelly that looks like it may be vegan – orange, grape, peach, pineapple, apple flavors – but it’s sold as a set with non-vegan hamburgers and not on its own (there is also the possibility of contamination with dairy and gelatin in the manufacturing process at the factory).

Loving Hut

If you are in Tokyo you are lucky because you can visit this all-vegan chain restaurant, which is only open on Saturdays that are not national holidays. These restaurants are in many locations around the world, but there is just one in Japan.

The Loving Hut Japan website is in Japanese and there is some English too.


Potentially vegan menu items are:

• Supersweet corn
• Side salad WITHOUT roasted sesame dressing (the dressing contains egg)

There are no vegan burgers or desserts and the fried potato contains beef according to the McDonald’s allergen chart.

You can see the ingredients of the menu items on the McDonald’s website (Japanese).

Mister Donut

Here is the allergy chart (published 5/1/2019, Japanese).

The Tap! Tap! Tapioca drinks in Tapioca Mango Orange/タピオカ マンゴーオレンジ and Tapioca Strawberry Soda/タピオカ ストロベリーソーダ appear possibly vegan from the allergen chart, but there’s a possibility the Tapioca Strawberry Soda may use carmine as a colorant.

Photos from website.

tap tap tapioca.png    tap tap tapioca strawberry.png

20190505_161913 (6)    20190505_161913 (8)

The other potentially vegan drinks are 100% Valencia Orange Juice/バレンシアオレンジ100%ジュース  and Aomori-Grown Fuji Apple Juice/青森県産ふじりんご100%ジュース. Strangely, the allergen chart doesn’t show a black coffee option, but it may be possible to order one. All of the listed coffee drinks contain milk.

20190505_161913 (3)    20190505_161913 (4)

They have one doughnut option that doesn’t contain milk, dairy, egg, honey, or gelatin. It’s called the Fuka Fuka Yaki Doughnut, a set of two doughnuts that are free of all of the top 20 allergens, with the exception of apple, and intended for customers with allergies. You can order it at the counter and the staff will get it out of the freezer and give it to you to take home. It’s been reported that the staff will warm them for you in the shop, but we found the staff were not able to do that and sent them home with us frozen, so the policy may vary by branch. They are good toasted.

• Fuka Fuka Yaki Doughnut/Soft Baked Doughnut, Plain/ふかふか焼きドーナッツ プレーン: Ingredients: Rice flour (domestic), coconut milk, sugar, apple, rapeseed oil, lemon juice, pumpkin powder, salt, thickener (processed starch), sodium bicarbonate, vanilla flavor.

20190120_205110    20190120_205119

MOS Burger

Potentially vegan menu items are:

• French Fried Potato/フレンチフライポテト
• Onion Fry (Onion Rings)/オニオンフライ
Oni-pote (French Fried Potatoes, Onion Fry)/オニポテ (フレンチフライポテト&オニオンフライ)
Variety Pack A (French Fried Potatoes, Onion Fry)/バラエティパックA(フレンチフライポテト、オニオンフライ)
• Ketchup Packet/パックケチャップ
• Ketchup Packet, Low Salt/パックケチャップ 減塩
• Salad Set with Flaxseed WITHOUT the Low-Salt Japanese Dressing/こだわりサラダセット ローストアマニトッピング (the Low-Salt Japanese Dressing has pork and chicken)

French fried potatoes are processed on the same line as items containing dairy and cooked in oil with items containing eggs, dairy, shrimp, crab, squid, beef, mackerel, chicken, pork, and gelatin. Onion rings, Oni-pote, and Variety Pack A are processed on the same factory line as items containing egg and dairy and cooked in oil with items containing eggs, dairy, shrimp, crab, squid, beef, mackerel, chicken, pork, and gelatin. The Salad Set with Flaxseed (without the dressing) is processed on the same line as items containing egg and dairy.

All of their other foods contain animal products. The salad dressing has chicken and pork. The kinpira burger has dairy. The soy patty burgers have egg in the patty and the Aurora, Teriyaki and Meat sauces are not vegan nor vegetarian. The corn soup has milk, egg, and chicken. The mustard sauce has egg, the chili dip has beef, chicken, and pork, and the barbecue sauce has chicken and gelatin.

You can see the allergen chart here (published 3/28/2019, Japanese).

img_2638    20190505_173817 (2) Mos Burger Menu.jpg

20190516_203306 (2)

Pizza La

According to the Pizza La allergen chart the following items don’t contain meat, fish, dairy, egg etc (see allergen chart for all ingredients checked):

• Four season salad (with either Italian tomato dressing or vinaigrette dressing)
• Pizza La french fries and roasted potatoes (with fancy tomato sauce and/or mustard sauce)

About pizzas, as of 9/21/2019, a representative on the the Pizza La customer hotline said:
– the dough doesn’t have any animal ingredients
– the tomato sauce has pork
Therefore no vegan pizza is available at Pizza La.


From reviewing their allergen chart it appears the following menu items may be vegan:

• Spaghetti with garlic, oil and peppers (spaghetti Aglio Olio e Peperoncino)
• Rice
• Celery pickles
• Grilled potato
• Child’s potato
• Sicilian lemon sorbet

Breakfast menu:

• Mixed salad
• Tomato
• Wakame (may contain fish even though it’s not marked on the allergen chart)
• Grilled potato
• Warm vegetables
• Fruit cocktail
• Miso soup (may contain fish even though it’s not marked on the allergen chart)

There may also be other menu items that could be modified to be vegan (e.g. salad without added animal products). For more information see the Saizeriya website.

Salvatore Cuomo Pizza

The marinara pizza appears to be vegan (see English delivery menu with allergen information on their website).

Also reported to have a lunch buffet with marinara pizza, salads with avocado and tofu, separate vinegar dressing, and coffee and juice. No vegan desserts available at lunch buffet.

Soup Stock Tokyo

You can see full lists of their ingredients on their website (Japanese). It’s also possible to check the weekly menu on their website here (Japanese). There is usually at least one vegan option available each day, but checking the menu before you go can help avoid disappointment. Nutritional, allergen, and cross-contamination information and ingredient lists are also written on the website. They have a book of all the ingredients in each menu item available behind the counter, written in English and Japanese-staff will show it to you if you request to see the ingredients.

Current items without animal ingredients that may appear on the menu are:

Italian Tomato Minestrone (hot)/イタリア産トマトミネストローネ. Ingredients: Whole tomato, vegetables (onion, carrot, celery, garlic), rice, tomato paste, olive oil, salt, spice + vegetable mix [zucchini, eggplant, red bell pepper, yellow bell pepper, salt,  oil for frying (palm oil)], potato, arugula. The website states it’s a vegetarian soup but the listed ingredients appear vegan.

Product contains none of the 27 allergens.

20190626_124401 (2)

Green Vegetables & Rock Salt Soup (hot)/緑の野菜と岩塩のスープ. Ingredients: Vegetables (onion, cabbage, daikon, zucchini, red pepper, garlic), beans (green beans, green peas), rolled barley, olive oil, rock salt, kelp, young barley leaves, starch, spices + thin green spring onion shoots or broccoli sprouts. The website states it’s a vegetarian soup but the listed ingredients appear vegan.

Product contains none of the 27 allergens.

Tomato and Summer Vegetable Gazpacho (cold, limited to summer months)/トマトと夏野菜のガスパチョ. Ingredients: Vegetables (onion, red bell pepper, tomato, celery), tomato juice, olive oil, garlic, salt + cucumber, bell pepper, celery, mixed edible oil (sunflower oil, olive oil), apple vinegar.

Product contains apples.

Sambar Bean and Vegetable Spicy Curry/サンバール(豆と野菜のスパイスカレー). Ingredients: Tomatoes with juice, onion, mung bean, carrot puree, plum pulp, rapeseed oil, spice, salt, cauliflower, green beans, onion, mixed edible oil (sunflower oil, olive oil), fried eggplant, cauliflower, shishito peppers,  sauce [vegetables (onion, ginger), rapeseed oil, cashew nuts, salt, curry powder, garlic paste, spices, corn starch, (Product includes cashew nuts), red onion, apple vinegar, sanontou brown sugar*, salt + rice, edible oil (sunflower oil, olive oil), salt, sesame.

Product contains cashew nuts, sesame and apples.

Sanontou brown sugar is redyed white sugar. We don’t have information about if the sugar in Soup Stock’s foods is bone-char processed or not.

7-Vegetable Ratatouille Curry/種の野菜のラタトゥイユカレー. Ingredients: Onion, whole tomato, vegetable bouillon, tomato paste, onion saute, rapeseed oil, diced tomato, stir-fried vegetable paste (onion, carrot, olive oil, celery), salt, garlic puree, coriander, ginger paste, corn starch, sugar, cumin, chili powder, basil, chili pepper, oregano, cinnamon, cardamom, thyme, laurel, mixed vegetables (zucchini, eggplant, red bell pepper, yellow bell pepper, salt, oil for frying (palm oil)), onion, edible oil (sunflower oil, olive oil), oregano, salt, rice, mixed edible oil (sunflower oil, olive oil), salt, sesame.

Product contains sesame.

20190626_124357 (3)

The soups and curries can be eaten with bread/石窯パン,  foccacia /フォカッチャ, or sesame rice/白胡麻ご飯.

Bread/石窯パン. Ingredients: Wheat flour, olive oil, rye flour, reduced starch syrup, crude salt, baker’s yeast, malt, brewed vinegar, vitamin C.  Manufactured in the same facilities as products using eggs, milk ingredients, and peanuts.

Foccacia /フォカッチャ. Ingredients: Bread (flour, olive oil, sourdough starter, crude salt, baker’s yeast, malt, vitamin C), olive oil, rock salt. * Manufactured in the same facilities as products using eggs, milk ingredients, and peanuts.

Vegana No Japao reports that sourdough starter/サワー種 can come from animal-derived lactobacillus in Japan. We don’t have any information on how the sourdough starter in this product is made.

Sesame rice/白胡麻ご飯. Ingredients: Rice, white sesame, salt, edible compound oil (sunflower oil, olive oil). We use domestic rice. Product contains sesame.

The Sri Lankan Cashew Curry/カシューナッツのホッダ(スリランカ風ココナッツカレー) looks like it might be vegan from the allergen marks posted on the menu outside the restaurant and by the register, but it is not because it contains dried bonito extract (fish), which you can see if you request to look at the ingredient book or by looking at the ingredient list on the website.

cashew nuts curry

Frozen Italian Tomato Minestrone and Green Vegetables & Rock Salt soups may be available for take-home purchase as well.

20181202_181720    20190215_191115 (2).jpg

20190315_193959 (2)    20190626_125011



In Japan, Subway is not as vegan friendly as in other countries because the sandwich bread and flat bread contains dairy products. The menu items that appear from the allergen chart to be vegan are:

• Salads: avocado veggie and veggie delight salads
• Dressings: oil and vinegar, balsamic. Salt and pepper are also available, as well as sliced hot peppers.
• Oven potatoes: original and herb salt only. The red BBQ and triple cheese flavours contain milk, chicken, pork, and fish. All the oven potatoes are processed on the same factory lines as foods containing dairy and egg. The ketchup, mustard, and chili sauce appear to be vegan from the allergen chart. The ketchup is processed on the same factory line as sheep, fish, and shellfish.
• Drinks (in addition to the usual vegan options like black coffee): soy latte (iced or hot), iced soy mango latte, mango orange smoothie, orange juice, and mango & orange juice


The food at Sukiya that may be vegan according to the allergen chart (there may be some cross-contamination) is:


• Rice
• Tofu
• Natto (be careful with the sauce, if any. For example, it appears mackerel is used in the sauce provided in Okinawa)
• Green onions
• Salad (no dressing)
• Grated yam with wasabi
• Pickled ginger

Please note the nori sheets contain shrimp. The allergen chart says that the pickles and kimchi don’t contain shrimp, but they may still contain fish.

T’s Tan Tan

This chain is an all-vegan establishment and is a wonderful place where you can drop in and have a quick bowl of ramen. They also sell various products at the different branches, such as take-out soymeat “beef” bowl bento boxes/ソイミートの牛丼弁当 and cutlet sandwiches, as well as their own brand of vegan instant cup noodles in two flavours and soy meat for home cooking.

20190117_180911    20190117_180947


JR Tokyo train station (behind the ticket gates)
JR Ueno train station, Tokyo (behind the ticket gates)
Narita Airport (NRT), Terminal 2
JR Sendai train station (Miyagi Prefecture)

The Tokyo and Ueno branches are confirmed to have English menus available.

They also have a fully-vegan restaurant in Jiyugaoka with fewer ramen options and more other choices- try the chocolate cake there. This branch also makes cakes to order for weddings and other special occasions.


The tempura batter at Tenya does not contain egg or milk, but may contain traces of these ingredients (as well as other animal products such as shrimp or squid) because of cross-contamination.

The dishes at Tenya that appear from a review of their allergen chart to possibly be vegan are:


• Vegetable tendon (ordered without the sauce as the sauce contains fish). It’s also been reported that non-takeaway orders of tendon come with miso soup, which is almost certain to contain fish as well.
• Assorted vegetable tempura
• Individual pieces of vegetable tempura – pumpkin, young corn, okra, lotus root, sweet potato, maitake mushroom, and matsutake mushroom (matsutake mushroom seasonally available and only sold at certain branches)
• Cold tofu (ask for no fish flakes)
• Boiled spinach (ask for no fish flakes)
• Flower pickles
• Rice

The allergen chart says:

• The cold soba sets contains mackerel and the hot soba set contains mackerel and egg.
• The cold udon set contains mackerel and the hot udon set contains mackerel and egg (the child’s udon – hot and cold – also contains mackerel and egg).

The mackerel may just be in the dipping sauce, but if you are going to order the soba or udon it may be a good idea to check the ingredients with the staff.

The miso soup probably contains fish dashi (although the allergen chart does not say this).


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  3. blorgonizer

    Thank you so much for this list. There are a lot of things I hadn’t even heard of before! This is sure to make life easier.

    Unfortunately Starbucks changed the soymilk they use around 2008 and since then it has contained an emulsifier of animal origin.
    Regarding the “vegan” donut a Starbucks, the powedered sugar on top actually contains an additive derived from something like crab shells. It’s utterly ridiculous.

    I’ve also heard that someone ordering soy milk royal tea at Tully’s was asked by the waitress if the had a milk allergy because it contains condensed milk. Im not sure if this is in all the soymilk or in the tea itself.

    All this info came to light on thr Tokyo Vegetarians and Vrgans group on Facebook with the Starbuvks soymilk confirmed on a vegan Japanese blog.
    Why is finding soy without dairy so difficult? 😦

  4. Pingback: How to Live as a Vegan in Japan – VeganMegane

  5. Elyviere

    Hi! We were at Ikea in Yokohama last week, and it seems the vegetable balls with yoghurt sauce is now a fully vegan option. The yoghurt sauce is now made on soy, and we weren’t able to find anything in the allergen chart (besides contamination risk from other products) that was not vegan. Can’t speak for all Ikeas in Japan, but I’d assume they all have the same updated menu? Hope this helps anyway!

  6. Elyviere (@elyviere)

    Hi! We were at Ikea in Yokohama last week, and it seems the vegetable balls with yoghurt sauce is now a fully vegan option. The yoghurt sauce is now made on soy, and we weren’t able to find anything in the allergen chart (besides contamination risk from other products) that was not vegan. Can’t speak for all Ikeas in Japan, but I’d assume they all have the same updated menu? Hope this helps anyway!

    1. isitveganjapan Post author

      Thank you! We have confirmed with Ikea that the yogurt sauce is now made from soy yogurt and the dish has no animal ingredients (at all stores). They did say that the dish may not be available at all times as they sometimes reduce the number of menu items, especially when the store is busy, like on weekends and holidays. We appreciate your report and will update the listing!


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