Plant based soap is available in Japan (look for the kanji for ‘plant’, 植物). Note however that palm oil is often used. Below are some examples of 100% plant based soaps, as well as some soaps that contain animal products.


Lush sells plant based soap that is not tested on animals.

Seria Additive Free Soap. Ingredients: Soap foundation (100% vegetable based), etidronic acid, water.

Additive feee soapAdditive free soap - back






Seria Hinoki Soap. Ingredients: Soap foundation (100% vegetable based), hinoki oil (from Japanese cypress), glycyrrhizic acid 2K, cocamidopropyl betain, fragrance, PEG-75, etidronic acid, water, EDTA-4Na, iron oxide.

Hinoki SoapHinoki Soap - back






Lion Shokubutsu-Monogatari (Plant Story) Herb Blend Beauty Soap. Ingredients: Soap foundation (100% vegetable based), palm fatty acid, fragrance, camomile extract, etidronic acid, EDTA-2Na, water, ethanol, BG, titanium dioxide.

Lion soap frontLion soap back








Top Valu Soap is 100% plant based. Top Valu is a brand sold at Aeon’s Max Valu supermarkets.

Top Valu Soap








Clover Additive Free Soap is made from 100% vegetable raw materials according to the Clover website (photo also from website).

Clover soap






Kao White Soap is made from 100% plant-based materials (although this is palm oil from Malaysia) – see the Kao website (photo also from website).

Kao white soap - cropped






Shabondama Soap’s Pure Vegetable ‘Bubble Bath’ Body Soap. The company website says the raw material is 100% vegetable oil (photo from website).

Bubble bath soap - from their website







Miyoshi Additive Free Soap is not vegan. The Miyoshi website says the raw materials are palm kernel oil and beef tallow.

Miyoshi Soap (from their website)








Miyoshi also makes regular white soap, kitchen soap and washing soap. Photo from the Miyoshi website.

Cow Brand Beauty Soap is made from beef tallow and also contains milk ingredients. See the Cow Brand Soap Kyoshinsha website (photos from their website).

Cow Beauty soap (from their website)Cow Beauty soap 2 (from their website)







Pelican Soap appears to contain beef tallow. The ‘Factory Information’ on the company’s English website lists the raw ingredients as vegetable soap chips and ‘Soap chips with cow fat and palm tree oil’. The photo below is also from their website.

Pelican soap (from their website)








Reckitt Benckiser Muse Soap (ミューズ) is not vegan according to an email received from Reckitt Benckiser in late 2014.

Muse Soap


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