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If you have found a great vegan product please tell us about it!

It would be helpful if you could send us as much information as possible, some good photos of the product (showing the front design and the ingredients panel), and the date you took the photos. Please also give us permission to publish your photos on this site.

Please email your photos and any other useful information to 

We can also be contacted at the Facebook group Is it vegan? (Japan) (English).

Thank you!

21 thoughts on “Contact Us/Submit an Item

  1. Ashwini

    This is regarding the products that are listed under the Pizza crusts, Tortillas page. I see that shortenings are listed as acceptable though shortenings are listed as not halal as they could be made from animal fats as they are not specifically mentioned. Could you please clarify on this aspect?

    1. isitveganjapan Post author

      Hello. At the top of the page, it states “Pizza Crusts, Pizza, Tortillas, Naan
      These pizza crusts, premade pizzas, tortillas and naan could be handy if you are able to cook/heat your own meals while you are in Japan.

      Some products have ingredients where the source is not known, such as shortening, emulsifier, l-cysteine/L-システイン塩酸塩 or margarine/マーガリン.”

      This is a compendium of items that appear as if they could possibly be vegan. Unfortunately, often it isn’t possible to state definitively from just checking the label if something does or doesn’t have animal-derived ingredients. In some cases, if it isn’t specifically noted that animal products are included on the label, that information can only come from contacting the manufacturer ( if the item is not specifically sold as vegan).

      I will add the words “and which may or may not be of animal origin” to the description at the top of the page in an attempt to clarify further. Hope that helps.

      1. Ashwini

        Thank you very much for the response and the action.
        I just wanted to clarify as I remember one of the items have been marked as not recommended for containing shortening while many others had not been dealt with in a similar fashion and hence wanted to know if it was done so as there was some kind of an information that you had received from somewhere that those are mostly plant-derived ingredients. I was actually hoping for a comment that says the latter to assuage my conscience 😬

      2. isitveganjapan Post author

        Thanks for your comment! We sometimes rearrange the info in an attempt to make things clearer. If we ever do have any information that a particular ingredient like shortening is plant-derived/plant-based, we will add it on. It’s really unfortunate that for some categories, we don’t have any information at all on things like that. All the information comes from people writing in to inquire, so if no one writes in, we don’t have any information to share (other than things such as photos, product names, translated ingredient lists and notices about what types of ingredients may be animal-derived).

        In this case, as we looked at more items in the category, we noticed many had things like margarine and shortening, so decided to list them on the page with a note about those ingredients. Otherwise we would not really have any products to share on the page at all.

        Shortening is sometimes animal-derived in Japan and sometimes not, so you really never know.

        We hope more and more people can write in and ask about more products so we’ll have more info to share! Sorry that there isn’t better news to report.

    1. isitveganjapan Post author

      Hello! Thank you for your comment. Pocari Sweat doesn’t appear to show animal ingredients from the ingredient list. I did my best to translate the ingredient list: Sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, fruit juice, salt, acidulant, vitamin C, potassium chloride, calcium lactate, seasoning (amino acid), magnesium chloride, flavoring. It is unknown if the sugar is bone-char processed or not.

      We can’t say for certain about the origin of, say, all the amino acids, though, just from reading the label. We have had a report that Aquarius (from the Coca Cola company) does not contain animal ingredients. Since Aquarius contains amino acids, hopefully this means Pocari Sweat (made by Otsuka Pharmaceutical) also uses amino acids that are not of animal origin.

  2. Gabriela

    Just wanted to say a big thank you to you! I’m vegan and I’m planning on moving to Japan for sometime and I can’t express how grateful I am for your website full of helpful information not just about food, but products in general! So, THANK YOU so much!!
    I hope I can contribute with donation in the future, but until then I can’t thank you enough.

  3. gabikawaji

    Just wanted to say a big thank you to you! I’m vegan and I’m planning on moving to Japan for sometime and I can’t express how grateful I am for your website full of helpful information not just about food, but products in general! So, THANK YOU so much!!
    I hope I can contribute with donation in the future, but until then I can’t thank you enough.

  4. lalaue


    I wanted to ask if vitamins drinks like chocola bb light and others are vegan? I couldn’t confirm with listed ingredients. I was conflicted about taurine.

    Thank you very much.

    1. isitveganjapan Post author

      Hello, unfortunately we don’t have any specific information on vitamin drinks. It would be necessary to contact the manufacturer about each specific product you’re interested in if you want to get any more info than what’s on the label/website.

  5. Masa

    Hello. I’ve found a Natto product called Natto Meijin (納豆名人)at My Basket(まいばすけっと)which doesn’t have the accompanying sauce. I asked the manufacture and confirmed they don’t use any animal material for the culture medium of Natto bacteria.

    Could you add this one to your lists if it’s OK?

  6. Muso Co., Ltd.

    Hello, I am excited to find our importing products, organic soup and iChoc, are shared in your website.
    Yes, they are 100% made with plant ingredients and quite nice in taste. I am a big fun of them.

    Anyway, our company, Muso Co., Ltd. is more focusing on orgnic and natural foods as well as vegan friendly foods.
    Although not all the products are plant based, but more than half of our products are vegan friedly.

    I would like to submit the following 4 products of ours for your site, too.
    1. organic oat meal prepared in cup.made by Auga.

    2. organic soy gellato

    3. vegetalian retort curry (note: only yellow one is vegan friendly. The others contains chicken as an ingredients)

    4. organic oat biscuite

    You can find the products in nartural food stores, amazon or our EC site linked above.
    Should you need any further info on our products or our company, please feel free to contact me.

    1. isitveganjapan Post author

      Thank you very much for your comment! Unfortunately we don’t have a cereals section so I did not add the oatmeals to the blog, but I’ve added the other products in the relevant sections (curry, frozen confectionery, snack foods (cookies)). It’s really helpful that all the products (apart from the cookies) here are marked as vegan on the Bio Floresta website. I’ll keep an eye out for the curry next time I visit a natural foods shop!


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