Below are some of the online stores that sell vegan and cruelty-free products in Japan.

Note some of the websites carry non-vegan products as well, so be careful if you want a 100% vegan product!

English and bilingual websites

Alchemist At Home – This Japan-wide food delivery service has a vegan TV dinner section. The premade meals are delivered nationwide, shipped via Yamato cold transport out of Niigata City. Orders placed on Sunday are delivered the next Friday. The code veganjapan10 is good for a discount of ¥1000 off any order over ¥10000.

Amazon – Amazon Japan has vegan food, clothing, books, and so on. You can set the language to English and search by the word “vegan.”

Ambika – Vegetarian shop selling lots of Indian products including lentils and beans, dry fruit, spices, herbs and prepackaged items such as Dal Palak, Aloo Raswala, Sambhar, and Upma. Vegan items are marked. They state that they have more than 800 vegan items on offer. Free delivery anywhere in the country (except Okinawa) on an ¥8000 order. Staff will also provide assistance in English if you need any information about how to use a particular spice or advice on traditional Indian recipes. They have a physical store at Patria Mall (Maruetsu Supermarket) Nishi-kasai, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo. Inquire directly with the shop for information about which items contain palm oil.

iHerb and Love Letter These websites are run by the same company. iHerb has lots of vegan and cruelty free products, including food, makeup, supplements, personal care products and cleaning products. Vegan products are clearly marked as such. As of August 3, 2020, there is a free shipping option for orders of 2,101 yen or more and there are 803 products in the vegan grocery section.

You can set the page language to Japanese or English (or other languages) and the currency to yen or dollars.

On the Facebook page IHERB, Japan LOVES you!, members post current sale discounts and their own rewards codes, so it’s a good idea to check there before placing your order. To get a discount on your order please feel free to use our referral codes: WQB630 or ARA5497.

The iHerb info rewards page currently says:

“Welcome to iHerb and Love Letter Rewards, an easy-to-use referral program for iHerb and Love Letter customers and everyone they know.

How it works:

  • Find your unique Rewards code. Log in to access it.
  • Share your Rewards code with family and friends. When a new customer uses your Rewards code, they’ll get 10% off their first order and you’ll get 10% in Rewards credit that you can redeem or save to cash out once you’ve earned $100 USD. For existing customers, you’ll receive 5%.
  • Give 10% discounts to others and get 10% in Rewards credit for you every time you share iHerb Exclusive brands.

It also says:

“How do I earn Rewards credit?

To earn Rewards credits, new or existing customers must complete an order using your Rewards code or link. New customers receive a 10% discount, and you receive 10% of their order as a Rewards credit. You receive a 5% credit when referring existing customers. In addition, you will receive a standard 10% credit for referring iHerb exclusive products, and can access exclusive Rewards only promotions on our Super Rewards Page. Rewards credits have a pending status for 30 days. Once they are available to use, you have 180 days to use them for shopping at iHerb. You can also cash out your Rewards when you have at least $100 of available Rewards at the end of a given month.”

The prices can be significantly cheaper than stores because they don’t add on the retail markup that brick-and-mortar shops have.

You can use paypal, conbini pay or credit cards.

Love Letter carries more mainstream brands.

The products marked as “vegan” on Love Letter appear to be free of animal ingredients, but include brands sold in China that need to pay for animal testing to be done to sell there. It seems not all products marked “vegan” on Love Letter can be considered cruelty-free.

Indojin (means “The Indian”) – A good source for larger quantities of basmati rice, beans, and lentils at very reasonable prices.

Natural Boho (bilingual) is a small online business located in the Japanese Alps. They have vegan laundry detergent powder and soap options. Inquire with the owner for their vegan product list. Check their Instagram here (English).

North Candles Facebook Instagram and My Eco Life– Run by the same people, these shops sell vegan handmade soywax candles and wax melts, made in Tokachi, Hokkaido, and vegan wax wraps for food storage, reusable razors, bamboo toothbrushes, bamboo cutlery, and so on.

Pura Tempeh Co. (English) is located in Hokkaido and delivers throughout the country. Facebook (English) Instagram (English)

Rakuten Global Express – An English-language reshipping service for those not living in Japan. They will combine your Rakuten Ichiba order with orders from other shopping websites, including those that do not ship overseas, and send everything to you. They do not send refrigerated or frozen items- if you order them, they will be sent to you unrefrigerated. Sign-up is free.

Sartaj –  An Indian grocery store selling 100% vegetarian products such as spices, personal care products, and more. They have a physical store in Osaka. The ingredient lists of packaged foods and personal care products do not appear to be provided so you may need to contact them to determine which items are vegan.

Someat 100% plant-based “grilled meat” and kara-age “fried chicken.” 

Tengu Natural Foods – This store delivers everywhere in Japan. They can even deliver to hotels, but you need to check with the hotel first to make sure it’s okay with them, and pay by credit card. They mostly sell food, but they also have some cookbooks and personal care products. They carry items that are hard or impossible to find elsewhere like “chickfree” vegan chicken and yakitori skewered “meat.” The owners also have an excellent vegan and vegetarian restaurant called Alishan Cafe by the beautiful Koma river in Saitama with a small natural grocery store attached.

The Flying Pig – This is an online store where you can buy Costco products. As the focus is on foreign foods, rather than vegan foods, you’ll need to find out whether the product you want to buy is vegan first (there are no lists of ingredients on the website and only a small number of items are specified as being vegan).

The Foreign Buyers’ Club – This is an online store where you can buy foreign food. There is a vegetarian, but not a vegan, category in the “special diet” section under “General Store & Deli.” You’ll need to check the items to make sure they are vegan (there are no lists of ingredients on the website).

Japanese websites

Beat Ice – (Facebook) Produces and sells Hayama Ice vegan ice cream. Items containing milk and egg are manufactured on the same production line. The company was started in 2018 as a way for the company owner to say thank you to all the people she’s met since moving to Hayama, a small town by the beach in the Shonan area of Japan. Choose from a spicy and gingery Almond Milk Chai flavor, a fruity and complex Coconut Amazake flavor, and products made with rice from various rice terraces around Japan.

Earth Friendly – (Instagram) A sustainability-focused website with a vegan section. Products are searchable by the English keywords “vegan,” “plantbase,” “palm oil free,” “zerowaste,” etc. As of the time of writing, available vegan products included a Christmas gift set, People Tree chocolate, a bamboo dish brush, bar dish soap, and soywax candles (profits from the candles partly going to the Kanagawa Children’s Medical Center and the NPO Yokohama Children’s Hospice Project). 

Ethicame – An “ethical eco-conscious sustainability” website which stocks the vegan and cruelty-free Ethique solid laundry detergent, body wash, pet soap, shampoo, and conditioner bars. 

Fruits and Season – An online store selling sandwiches from the first vegan fruit cream sandwich shop in Japan (physical location Tokyo). 

Green’s Vegetarian – This is probably the largest vegan and vegetarian online shop in Japan. It stocks many vegan items that aren’t easy to get elsewhere. They also offer a more limited selection of items, with a reduced selection of frozen items, at their Rakuten Ichiba shop. They carry fake meats like vegan shrimp and chicken nuggets. Check carefully when buying as they think “plant-based” means items can contain milk and egg as ingredients.

Kaldi – The online store of a coffee bean chain that imports various international foods and sometimes has marked vegan products like chocolate in their physical stores.

Kempo (can contact for English service) – Sells personal care items as well as ready-made food and ingredients. Everything is vegan. The website is in Japanese only, however the staff speak English and can take orders by phone or fax.

Kodawariya – A natural food market with branches in Tokyo and Kanagawa, Saitama and Chiba prefectures. Check the shop list here. Their online shop marks some of the vegan items as such in English. 

Kobe Halal Food (English menus and product descriptions, but checkout is in Japanese) – Sells a range of international foods, such as Malaysian, African and Indonesian products. Also sells staples like rice, beans and spices.

Kyoto Gion Iriser Vegan Sweets – sells vegan desserts: macarons, parfaits, fruit cream sandwiches, “vegan butter sando” cookies with filling and ice creams through their online shop and at their physical stores in Kyoto and Osaka.  

Living Life Marketplace (website mostly in Japanese – you can email for English service) – It sells many natural, raw and organic foods like beans, nuts, dried fruit, grains, seeds and spices.

LoveSt-Tokyo  – Carries exclusively vegan imported products including shoes, apparel, bags, toothpaste, and bamboo toothbrushes, on their website and at their Tokyo showroom.

Mercari Japan (メルカリ) – is a buyer-to-buyer flea market app, where people sell things directly to each other. It’s run independently of its American offshoot. Search by “vegan,” “ヴィーガン” and “ビーガン.” Because people list items and write item descriptions by themselves, sometimes you’ll find mistakes in the listings and things that are not vegan listed as such, so check carefully before purchasing. Bargaining is common. This guide to selling on Mercari may also be helpful for purchasing (English). Use our code KTDECY to get 500 yen worth of points when registering via the Mercari Japan application. (Not valid when registering through the website.)

Mutenkaya – (meaning Additive-Free Shop) Has a variety of products including pancake mixes made with spelt, an ancient grain, and Bondi Boost animal-ingredient-free soaps and cleaning products made with no animal testing. Not all products they carry are vegan.

Natural House – This is a chain of small supermarkets that also has an online store. It sells quite a few vegan products.

Pana – A vegan chocolate and chocolate spread brand from Australia. At the time of writing in February 2020 mylk and white chocolates were available.

Plant-Based Treats – sells various import vegan snacks and offers a monthly treats subscription.

Radish Boya You can order organic and fair trade fruit and vegetables from Radish Boya (in set boxes). They also have some personal care and cleaning products.

Rakuten Ichiba  – It has a large selection of vegan products, including food, pet food, clothing, shoes, books and personal care products. Click the link to be taken to the results for vegan products. A notable store on Rakuten Ichiba is Green’s Vegetarian, which stocks many vegan items that aren’t easy to get elsewhere. They offer more items, especially frozen items, on their online shop than on Rakuten Ichiba. 

Rakuten Room – The Rakuten Room app is for sharing products on Rakuten Ichiba (meaning Rakuten Marketplace). It’s somewhat like their own Pinterest. Click the link to be taken to the results for vegan products.

Ryositukeikaku – An Yahoo Japan Shopping online store that carries some vegan items, including Mia Chia fruit bites, imported from Malaysia, Cafe Yamaneko vegan pudding, and vegan ramen.

Shochiku-en – This vegetarian restaurant in Tokyo went fully vegan in March 2020 and has an online shop selling various vegan items, many with a tropical flavor, such as passion fruit or strawberry coconut jam, instant ramen and Taiwanese pineapple cake.

T’s Restaurant Online Shop This all-vegan chain is a wonderful place where you can drop in and have a quick bowl of ramen. They also run a website where you can purchase various products from their shops such as their own brand of vegan instant cup noodles in two flavors, retort pouch curries, and soy meat for home cooking. Check our Noodles and Pasta section for more information on the cup noodles and the Curry section for information about the retort pouch curries.

The Nature Shop Karuna – The store is based in Nagoya and has a large range of food products. Vegan products are marked with a “V.” This is a good place to buy fake meat as there are a lot of soymeats available, including Vegefarm.

Terra Foods –  (Some English translation provided) Facebook Instagram A website offering only vegan products such as “Just Like Cheese” and various meat substitute products, as well as details about their catering service and food truck. Check our Non-Dairy Butter, Cheese, Cream, Margarine & Yogurts section for information about the “Just Like Cheese” product and our Meat Substitutes section for information about their meat substitute products.

The Vegetarian Butcher – The no mince, no chicken chunks, MC2 no chicken burger patty, and no chicken nuggets are vegan per the product section of the English-language Vegetarian Butcher website. The MC2 no chicken burger patty has palm fat. The English-language product page for the MC2 no chicken burger patty states it’s from a sustainable source.  

Vegan Store (bilingual) – Facebook (Japanese) Instagram (Japanese) This totally vegan convenience store located in Asakusa takes online and phone orders for delivery to homes in in the 23 wards in Tokyo, with delivery starting at 300 yen, as well as delivery for orders nationwide starting at 800 yen, or 1000 yen for cool products (tax excluded).  They can deliver all of their frozen, refrigerated, and room temperature products, including their whole coconut vegan gelato  in “milk,” creamy chocolate and matcha flavors.  It is not known if they can take orders in English. Their phone number is 03-6231-6252.

Vegetus Online Store – The San-Iku foods online shop. They have various food products as well as a few cleaning and personal care products. This is a good place to buy fake meat as there is a section called “Vegetable Protein Food.”

Warabe Mura Wholefoods (website in Japanese only, but you can request English service by email) – They are located in Minokamo in Gifu prefecture and they manufacture vegan food under the name ‘Sakurai-shokuhin’. They have many products: food, personal care products, cosmetics, books, supplements and more.

Yamaya – A liquor store chain that imports various international foods and sometimes has marked vegan products like pasta sauce or chocolate. As of February 2021, they deliver free of charge nationwide for orders of 5,000 yen or more. 

Yousei No Mori An online vegan store selling many food products, as well as pet food.

This post contains some affiliate links, and if you follow one of those links and then purchase a product you help support this blog without any additional cost to you. Thank you so much for your kind support!


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  1. Sheila Kawakami

    Great information, I’m sure many people will really appreciate this. I would love for you to add our site to this list.
    Everything we sell is vegan, and we do have personal care items along with ready-made food and ingredients for healthy home cooking. The site is in Japanese only, but our staff all speak English and we can take your order over the phone or by FAX. Our most unique product is charcoal, which is difficult to find elsewhere, but is a powerful detoxifier! We look forward to serving you!

    1. isitveganjapan Post author

      Hello, thank you for your comments. Currently, the information about their vegan cheese is in our Non-Dairy Butter, Cheese, Cream, Margarine & Yogurts section and our Meat Substitutes section holds the information about their meat substitute products. As you’ve suggested, I also have added an entry for them in this “online” shopping section.

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