Below are some of the online stores that sell vegan and cruelty free products in Japan.

English websites

Amazon – Amazon Japan has some vegan food products and lots of vegan books.

iHerb – It has lots of vegan and cruelty free products, including food, supplements, personal care products and cleaning products. Sometimes there is free shipping too. To get a discount on your first order please feel free to use our referral code: GIQ805. Note there is also a Japanese iHerb website.

Rakuten – It has a large selection of vegan products, including food, pet food, clothing, shoes, books and personal care products.

Tengu Natural Foods – This store is located in Tokyo but they deliver everywhere in Japan. They mostly sell food, but they also have some supplements, personal care products and cleaning products.

The Flying Pig – This is an online store where you can buy Costco products. As the focus is on foreign foods, rather than vegan foods, you’ll need to find out whether the product you want to buy is vegan first (there are no lists of ingredients on the website and only a small number of items are specified as being vegan).

The Foreign Buyers’ Club – This is an online store where you can buy foreign food. There is a vegetarian, but not a vegan, category. You’ll need to check the items to make sure they are vegan (there are no lists of ingredients on the website).

Japanese websites

Kempo (can contact for English service) – Sells personal care items as well as ready-made food and ingredients. Everything is vegan. The website is in Japanese only, however the staff speak English and can take orders by phone or fax.

Kenko – They have many specialty food products, but make sure you read the product descriptions carefully (for example, many of the kombu dashis are still made with fish). They also sell supplements, personal care products and cosmetics. There was previously an English language website, but this service was discontinued in September 2014.

Kobe Halal Food (English menus and product descriptions, but ‘check out’ is in Japanese) – Sells a range of international foods, such as Malaysian, African and Indonesian products. Also sells staples like rice, beans and spices.

Living Life Marketplace (website mostly in Japanese – you can email for English service) – It sells many natural, raw and organic foods like beans, nuts, dried fruit, grains, seeds and spices.

Lohas Town – Sells natural and organic products, including food, health products and beauty products.

Natural House – This is a chain of small supermarkets that also has an online store. It sells quite a few vegan products like seitan and mock meat.

Radish Boya – You can order organic and fair trade fruit and vegetables from Radish Boya (in set boxes). They also have some personal care and cleaning products.

The Nature Shop Karuna – The store is located in Nagoya and has a large range of food products, including soy meat, dashi, sauces, instant noodles, soup, curries, seitan, soy sausages and bacon (plus a few personal care and cleaning products).

Vegans Café and Restaurant – Vegans Online Shop – This Kyoto café and restaurant has a small online shop selling vegan food.

San-iku Vegetus – They have various food products like soy/gluten meat, vegetarian curries, cookies, as well as a few personal care products.

Warabe Mura Wholefoods (website in Japanese only, but you can request English service by email) – They are located in Minokamo in Gifu prefecture and they manufacture vegan food under the name ‘Sakurai-shokuhin’. They have many products: food, personal care products, cosmetics, books, supplements and more.

Yousei No Mori – An online vegan store selling many food products, as well as pet food, cosmetics and supplements. There is free shipping if you spend over ¥10,000.

Note some of the products on these websites are not vegan, so be careful if you want a 100% vegan product!


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  1. Sheila Kawakami

    Great information, I’m sure many people will really appreciate this. I would love for you to add our site to this list.
    Everything we sell is vegan, and we do have personal care items along with ready-made food and ingredients for healthy home cooking. The site is in Japanese only, but our staff all speak English and we can take your order over the phone or by FAX. Our most unique product is charcoal, which is difficult to find elsewhere, but is a powerful detoxifier! We look forward to serving you!


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