Of course, just because you are vegan does not mean you have to shop at a specialty store or order food online. In fact it is quite easy to live as a vegan in Japan just by shopping at regular Japanese supermarkets, particularly if you are interested in a whole food plant based diet. All Japanese supermarkets stock things like soy milk, tofu, rice, fruit and vegetables, nuts and pasta. Below are some of the supermarkets that we have found to be particularly good.

Aoki – Sells organic and foreign foods.

Daiei – Is like a cheaper version of JUSCO.

Gyomu Supa – This is a great chain of wholesale supermarkets which sell some items in bulk. They have a lot of imported food too. Some of the highlights are cans of chickpeas and kidney beans for about ¥100, cheap frozen vegetables, bulk rice, bulk nuts and pizza bases. They also sell ready to eat vegan curries.

Hankyu Oasis – Sells high calcium, organic soymilk and wheat germ.

Ito Yokado – Sells brown rice and perilla (egoma) oil.

Kaldi – Sells foreign food.

Natural House – Sells organic and vegan foods such as seitan.

Seijo Ishii – Sells foreign food.

Super Tamade – Sells cheap produce.


4 thoughts on “Supermarkets

  1. mrpatch2016

    Just hit up Gyoma Supa in Shinjuku and bought a ton of snacks for next to nothing. Thanks for the great recommendation!

  2. Maje

    If you live in Shizuoka, Shizutetsu Store carries some vegan products like chocolate, margarine, yogurt and now they sell soy meat.


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