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Cruelty-free Japanese brands are not common. Although brands sometimes release information about their own animal testing policies, this information is not necessarily applicable to their suppliers, and they may also sell in physical stores in China, where their products may be subject to pre- or post-market animal testing, without disclosing that information. This means their animal testing policy may refer only to if animal testing is performed in product development, and not to if they pay for animal testing to be conducted so they can sell in a particular country.

Where we have any information about this, we will share it below.

There may be very few or no vegan and cruelty-free choices in typical drugstores or grocery stores. The only brand listed here which may be found in these types of stores is Shabondama. Ordering online or going to a specialty store such as Cosme Kitchen or Lush may be your best bet.

・Argital has many certified vegan products, although some products are non-vegan as they include things like propolis and honey. Their website states:

Which products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans?
All Argital products are certified Vegan Ok a part from: Dentie and propolis toothpaste, honey and propolis soap, hand cream with helichrysum and propolis, propolis cream, saturn oil, earth oil.”

Their products are carried on the Cosme Kitchen website (Japanese) and may also be found at Cosme Kitchen stores.

Argital Aromatic Toothpaste  Argital Mint Toothpaste    Argital Sage Toothpaste

・Auromere Herbal Mouthwash and Herbal Toothpaste– Auromere is a Japanese brand owned by a company called BbyE that has a variety of cruelty-free brands that don’t use “ingredients obtained by killing animals.” However, it is still necessary to check if each BbyE brand/product is 100% free of animal ingredients such as beeswax.

The Auromere line consists of four flavors of toothpastes, three herbal soaps and an herbal mouthwash. The toothpastes are made with more than twenty herbs. The mouthwash is made with twenty-two kinds of herbal extracts.

About animal testing, it says: “We are committed to avoid any and all animal tests from the planning phase to the launch of products.**

**Except when we are obliged to fulfil our accountability to the society or required by the authority.”

The website states: ““auromère” is excluding the chemical component as much as possible. We also consider the global environment and fair trade. No use of animal ingredients / Cruelty-free. So you can use it with confidence even for vegans. It is a “Natural & Ethical” brand that makes things friendly to people, the environment and society.”

They can answer English queries.

Auromere brand page

BbyE’s English website

The products can be bought on the Sincere Garden website (Japanese) and range from 650 jpy for a toothpaste travel set to 2200 jpy for the mouthwash. They may also be found in Cosme Kitchen stores and are available for purchase on the Cosme Kitchen website (Japanese).

Some photos from website.

auromere toothpastes

20191005_161233 (2)        20191024_130131 (2)    auromere herbal mouthwash

Davids vegan and cruelty-free (certified by Leaping Bunny) toothpaste is available for online purchase from Earth Friendly (Japanese) as well as the vegan online shop LoveST Tokyo (Japanese).  Whitening and whitening charcoal types are available. Both websites also stock bamboo toothbrushes.

Photo from LoveST Tokyo.


・Diem Botanical Mouthwash/ディエム ボタニカル マウスウォッシュ and Diem Botanical Toothpaste/ディエム ボタニカル トゥースペースト is a Japanese brand which can be purchased online. It says “no animal-derived ingredients” in English on their website. No information is given about the company’s animal testing policy. The products are available in flavors including Spearmint Rosemary, Rose Aroma Mint, and Mandarin Orange Grapefruit.

Photos from website.

20190414_023048 (2)    Diem

・Ecostore toothpaste is available on their website (Japanese). Some products are also available on the Cosme Kitchen website (Japanese) and at Cosme Kitchen stores. They are a vegetarian brand with mostly vegan products. Their Australian website states “A lot of our products are vegan-friendly, however some of our products do contain goat’s milk, Manuka honey, beeswax or propolis from bees. These ingredients are carefully selected and must meet certain criteria before we use them. They must be sustainably harvested and animal welfare assured.” Check the New Zealand Ecostore website’s individual product pages to see which products are vegan. The products are are certified cruelty-free by PETA.

The Complete Care, Whitening, and Kids toothpastes and the Complete Care mouthwash are all marked vegan on the New Zealand Ecostore website. The Propolis toothpaste is not vegan as it contains propolis, made by bees.

Some vegans may not wish to purchase Ecostore products until they end their use of goats’ milk (in light of the campaign by Animal Liberation Victoria and requests for them to do so – visit the Animal Liberation Victoria website for further information).

Photos from website.

EcoStore Complete Care Toothpaste    EcoStore Whitening Toothpaste

ecostore kids toothpaste    ecostore complete care mouthwash

・Glo-Up toothpaste is sold on Rakuten Ichiba (Japanese), as well as in a three-pack (Japanese). The product is listed as vegan, cruelty-free, and halal. For those who do not live in Japan, products sold on Rakuten Ichiba can be shipped to other countries via Rakuten Global Express (English).

・Logodent is available on Rakuten Ichiba (Japanese). For those who do not live in Japan, products sold on Rakuten Ichiba can be shipped to other countries via Rakuten Global Express (English). The Logodent website (English) states “We fight against animal testing worldwide and promote alternative testing methods” and “All products that are highlighted as “vegan” contain absolutely no animal products.” Be sure to check that the individual product you want to buy is marked “vegan” on the package or the website.

Lush is a very popular store in Japan with more than 150 branches countrywide. It does not do animal testing or buy from suppliers that do animal testing and all the products are vegan or vegetarian. The company’s website states that about 80% of their products are vegan. They sell tooth jelly/歯磨きジェリー (a type of toothpaste) as well as toothy tabs/歯磨き用タブレット and mouthwash tabs/マウスウォッシュタブレット, small tablets of toothpaste or mouthwash. Check these products out here (Japanese). You can also look at the products in English on the Lush USA website, although the listed prices will be different. Be sure to double check that the product you want to buy is vegan.

The largest branch of Lush in Asia is in Shinjuku, Tokyo, so they would presumably have the biggest selection of these products to check out in person. As of 2019 they had exclusive flavors of the tooth jelly, detailed in this Matcha Japan article (English).

Photos from website.


Lush boom gunpowder toothy tabs    Boom_Web

・Shabondama Sekken, meaning “soap bubble soap,” is a Japanese soap company whose website (Japanese) states that their products are not animal tested in product development or research safety tests and they do not ask other organizations to do animal testing for them, because they are using ingredients that are proven to be safe on humans.

Some of their products are made by combining animal fats with vegetable fats and oils, and some with are made with vegetable fats and oils but no animal fats. The full list of products they make without animal fats, including bar soap, facial soap, laundry detergent, and toothpaste can be found here (Japanese). However it isn’t clearly stated that all of the products from the list are vegan, as some may have other ingredients added in.

The Shabondama toothpastes are here (Japanese). All of them are on the list of items that are made of vegetable fats. However, they have other ingredients added in. For example, there is an EM, effective microorganisms, toothpaste with lactobacillus. It isn’t clear if these are obtained from dairy or how they are propagated, for example on what kind of medium.

The iHerb website is also a good place to find vegan toothpastes. Many vegan items are clearly labeled. To get a discount on your order please feel free to use our referral codes: WQB630 or ARA5497. Find more information about ordering from iHerb in our vegan shopping online section.

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