• Colussi Crackers, Salted. Ingredients: Wheat flour, sunflower seed oil (10.5%), salt, yeast, barley and malt wheat extract.

Spotted at Kaldi import store. Palm oil-free.

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• Delser Saltine Crackers/デルセール アンソルティンクラッカー. Ingredients: Flour, palm oil, salt, malted barley flour, malt extract, yeast, leavening agent.

The Japanese ingredient list simply says “vegetable oil/植物油,” but when you look at the original Italian ingredient list, you can see it contains palm oil, “olio di palma.”

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The following snacks appear to possibly be vegan, but the source of the vitamin E is not listed.

Ritz Crackers/リッツ クラッカー. Ingredients: Wheat flour, vegetable fats and oil, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, malt extract, salt, leavening agent, lecithin (contains soybeans), antioxidants (vitamin E, vitamin C). (Product contains wheat and soybeans.)

Made in Indonesia.








The following three types of YBC crackers appear to possibly be vegan, however, the source of the processed oils and fats is not specified.

• YBC Levain Crackers/YBC ルヴァン クラッカー. Ingredients: Flour, processed oils and fats, sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, salt, malt extract, rye flour, fermented seeds/leavening agent. (Product contains wheat.)

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• YBC Levain Classical/ルヴァン クラシカル. Ingredients: Wheat flour, processed oils and fats, salt, malt flour, ferment, yeast/leavening agent, calcium carbonate. (Product contains wheat.)

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• YBC Levain Prime Snack/YBC ルヴァン プライムスナック. Ingredients: Wheat flour, processed fats and oils, sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, salt, malt extract, ferment/leavening agent. (Product contains wheat.)

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Here are a few examples of crackers that are not vegan.

• Bourbon Natural Yeast Crackers/Bourbon 天然酵母クラッカーare not vegan, because they contain eggs in various parts of the ingredients, including calcium derived from eggs.

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• Morinaga Malted Wheat Crackers/森永小麦麦芽のクラッカー are not vegan, because they contain flavored powder that has chicken and pork.

Morinaga Malted Wheat Crackers森永小麦麦芽のクラッカー with x.jpg    Morinaga Malted Wheat Crackers森永小麦麦芽のクラッカー back of package