Vegan Options Released in Japan Before Tokyo Olympics

Written by Alina Teodorescu

Just a recap of the new vegan options released this month in Japan (Tokyo)😃Did life here go FROM ‘Oh no! Nowhere I can eat!’ TO ‘damn, too many places, I’ve got to stop cooking and get out and try them’ ?? 🌱🌱 #thefutureisvegan

1)Royal host: Vege Curry
2)Coco Ichibaniya: Soy meat cutlet
3)Beck’s coffee: Vegetable curry
4)Family Mart: Veggie burger and rice bowl (Tokyo only)
5)Marusanai: Vegan protein drink
6)Starbucks: Oat milk and Almond milk options
7)Glico: plant based pudding
8)Tokyo Station plant based souvenir corner

Some include palm oil. It’s still not perfect but it’s a big step forward!


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