Foodie Adventure Japan Vegan Tours

Did you know that yes, you can participate in a vegan tour in Japan? Here are the details about tours for vegan food-lovers available in Tokyo by Foodie Adventure Japan:

Hello vegan foodies! My name is Jackie, and I am the vegan tour guide here in Tokyo for Foodie Adventure Japan. Foodie Adventure Japan was started by my good friend Gizem when she realized that people traveling to Japan may have some difficulty experiencing all Tokyo has to offer due to a variety of dietary needs such as gluten free, vegan, or halal. That’s when Gizem reached out to me, a long term vegan, to create a vegan tour that ensures you can travel here in Japan and experience all the wonderful food and culture—all while being vegan! I have a passion for showing the world that you can travel and dive deep into another country, and that you don’t have to compromise what you believe in to do it.  At Foodie Adventure Japan, we make sure every stop we take our guests to is a locally-owned business, in order to give back to the community and ensure these businesses that align with our values are being rewarded.

We have multiple vegan tour options, with more being added each month. Currently, you can pick from a Shibuya Vegan Tour or a Harajuku Vegan Ramen Tour.

Shibuya Tour:
On the Shibuya Vegan Tour, you will get to indulge in a traditional Japanese set meal of vegan fried chicken. Then we will head towards the famous Shibuya Crossing and make some small stops along the way to learn about some vegan snacks and infamous Japanese agriculture! We arrive at a look out over the crossing where you will witness the madness below, peacefully above the chaos. Lastly, we will head towards Harajuku and Omotesando. Along the way we will take some backstreets so you can experience the true side of Harajuku and will lead to the holy grail: the fluffiest vegan donuts around! The tour concludes in Harajuku, where you can go on to Yoyogi Park, Takeshita street, or easily catch the train.

Harajuku Tour:
The Vegan Ramen Tour begins at an ethical ramen stand, where all their ingredients are locally and ethically sourced. You will enjoy a unique take on the traditional ramen recipe, but we promise it’s one worth indulging in. Then we head down the famous Takeshita street and hopefully catch a glimpse of the Harajuku girls in between kawaii photo booth shoots. We will satisfy our sweet tooth on one of Harajuku’s popular treats before heading towards Shibuya, which will take us on the backside of Harajuku. We will pick up some delicious donuts along the way to the crossing, where we end at Hachiko Statue.

Our next tour that will be added this month is a vegan night tour, which includes okonomiyaki and drinks in the famous Shinjuku district.

Throughout the three hour walking tour I am always happy to pass on any and all tips or tricks I have found after living for three years as a vegan here in Japan. We also will make a stop on both of the tours in a convenience store, where I can show you some go-to vegan friendly snacks! At the end of the tour you will receive some helpful material which will hopefully make the rest of your trip in Japan a breeze!

You can sign up for the tours at



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